Tally Spear is a “Scatterbrain”: Single Review

September 12, 2019

Following up her previous single City GirlTally Spear is back with another pop classic called “Scatterbrain.” Rising from her home in London, Spear is making a mark in her new music journey. After taking a break for many months, she has greeted 2019 with two lovely tracks. Before her break Tally stated, “Something just happened with my taste. I went through a change on what I was listening to when I was writing. It just became a new sound. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to do in terms of production."


Photo by Jay May



In the past few months, Tally Spear has hit the streets of London performing solo and with her brain. By playing festivals like the Vegan Camp-Out Festival 2019 and the British Summertime Festival, Tally has evolved into a better singer and songwriter. 





Tally Spear’s music is unique in many ways. Not only are her recent tracks pop based, they are still eminent of the singer-songwriter style. Spear's voice is contagious. This track, after one listen, is guaranteed to be on repeat in your head. Referencing troubles to a struggling brain and distracting noises because of a significant other or close friend, “Scatterbrain” is a track that will forever be relatable. 






Stay connected with Tally Spear on social media and be sure to stream “Scatterbrain”!




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