Thunderpussy Rocks Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago

September 10, 2019

They’re abrasive, yet eloquent. They are unapologetic, but welcoming. Thunderpussy is full of juxtaposition and fills each end of the spectrum with poise and precision. Guitarist Whitney Petty stormed the stage with a Viola Bow; smacking her strings with power. The full frontal, femme quartet rocked Chicago’s very own Reggie’s Rock Club last month.



For the uninitiated, Reggie’s is a multi-level, grungy venue and bar just a stone’s throw away from Chicago’s Chinatown. To their benefit, Thunderpussy was able to draw a crowd to a fitting space. Out of all the venue’s in Chicago, Thunderpussy’s image and brand made the experience picturesque and cohesive. 


Thunderpussy sounds like a good bourbon. It’s oak-ey, it’s smokey, but there’s a sweetness behind it all. If you can muster the initial bite, you might just enjoy it. One would find Thunderpussy’s is straight hard rock. It’s driving and even has some punk sprinkled in; it’s that bite that kept their set interesting.


Thunderpussy’s front-person, Molly Sides, commands and entices the crowd in a way that’s friendly but sensual. Every member gets in each other’s face, dances side by side, and presents a sense of camaraderie rarely seen in live acts now a days. It’s an energy that mixes with burlesque and 80’s hair metal. Sides addresses the crowd intimately; dissipating the barrier between stage and ground. There was a little bit of interruption in the set’s flow but one could say the interaction between the band and crowd is intrinsic to the Thunderpussy experience. 


There’s little to complain about here with Thunderpussy’s performance. It might not be everyone’s taste and it may even turn a gentle ear away, but there’s something captivating about them one cannot deny. If you’re ready for a sip, be sure to finish the drink - it’s strong, but sweet, and it’ll leave you wanting another taste. 


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