Get To Know EDM Producer Chris Varvaro

July 29, 2019






Billboard Top 40 producer, Chris Varvaro, has just released his latest EDM/pop track entitled "Let Me Go". It's punchy beats, thrilling builds, and satisfying drops transport you into fantasy world of glorious production. 

GMAT: What inspired you to become a DJ?


CV: I always had an affinity for music. Growing up as a kid I was a classically trained jazz drummer and I never heard Electronic Music before. One day, my older brother was driving me to a drum lesson and I got my first taste of EDM when he would play Mashups, Progressive House, and of course, Avicii's legendary record Levels in the car. I was completely consumed by the sounds because they were so foreign; I was always used to listening to traditional bands, jazz trios, and big bands. That night, I went home and began to study how EDM was created and found as many new artists as I could to listen to. I taught myself how to produce with free trials of programs and eventually learned DJ on a cheap pair of turntables. I am completely self-taught and am so blessed to have turned my passion into a career. Since that day I have been totally hooked and never looked back! 


GMAT: What is your biggest accomplishment so far?


CV: I would say the launch of my very own genre 'pursound'. It is a sound that I have been developing for many years and I am extremely proud of it. My tracks "Ethereal", "Broken", and "Notebook" are all products of that genre and it is a truly unique sound to me because I managed to fuse many of my inspirations together forming a totally original sound. The tracks have all been progressively doing well and have been picked up for publishing, various soundtracks, and have overall opened a lot of doors for me in the industry. It has allowed me to work with some very big artists behind the scenes (more info on that coming soon) and even get involved in the movie business. 


GMAT: What is your favorite style of electronic music, and why? 


CV: Progressive House & Chill House. Always has, always will be. I absolutely love the melodies, the euphoria, and the feelings I feel when I listen to records in those genres. There is just something about those styles that always manages to blow me away. With Progressive, I love how you can combine really beautiful musical elements & high energy dance production and it'll work every time. It is so cool that you can take a simple piano melody, make it sound massive, and have people go nuts to it. With Chill, I love its simplicity. It is so easy to turn it on and literally have your mind go to a place of nothingness to relax.  I also love the sound designs and ambient vocal styles.  


GMAT: Who do you idolize most in the music industry?


CV: That is a really difficult question. I have a lot of respect for so many different artists and industry heads for many different reasons. But I would say Martin Garrix and Avicii. Those guys both played a major role in originally getting me involved with EDM. For Martin, I loved how innovative Animals was when it first came out, and I love how he has managed to evolve, stay consistent, and relevant over the years. He is always inspiring me creatively and on the business side of things. With Tim, I love his passion for writing and I love his composition style. It is a shame what he went through and I think I speak for all of us when I say I miss him dearly. He is a great writer and his legacy will live on forever.


GMAT: What can we expect from you in the future? 


CV: I have a lot up my sleeve! Expect a conclusion to my tracks "Broken" and "Notebook". Those tracks are part of a series within pursound and I am really excited to show the third and final installment of. There will be more pursound tracks as well of course, this is just a separate thing and there will be more info on that in the coming months. I also have a lot of singles and remixes coming with some fantastic artists. So, be ready for a lot of new music pretty regularly.

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