Hyro The Hero Is Living His Life On The Rockstar Disrupt Tour

July 16, 2019

Hyro The Hero, an artist from Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California fuses the beloved genres of rock, hip-hop, hardcore, and metal to make his own. Since June 21, Hyro’s been kicking off the Rockstar Energy Disrupt Festival with high energy and crowd moving performances. Along with this, he’s been befriending other fan favorites like The Used and Sleeping With Sirens. In fact, you might even catch him later in the day crowd surfing to The Used. I was able to catch Hyro's performance during the Syracuse stop of the Disrupt Festival. Though a slow start to the day, Hyro was able to pump up the fans and get them ready for the day ahead.




GMAT: Introduce yourself!


H: Waddup I’m Hyro The Hero. Chyeaaa 



GMAT: Your music is a unique mix of rap and rock, why this combination? 


H: Best way to express myself. The emotion I can convey through rock music is 10x more than what I can express thru hip hop. Both art forms are my favorite but nothing like rocking out and putting emotion over heavy music. 



GMAT: What messages are you trying to portray with your songs?


H: The message of my music is to bring the people together. Putting a spotlight on the game the elite uses to separate us and create chaos amongst the 99% of people. 



GMAT: It was so cool watching you perform the other day, especially when you hopped into the crowd! What does the crowd interaction mean to you? 


H: Crowd interaction is everything to me. I want them to feel my energy and the love I have for my music the way I do. 



GMAT: What has been the best part about being on the Disrupt Festival? 


H: Meeting all the cool bands and gaining new fans and respect. Nothing can compare. I’m around amazing people every day. Also seeing production setup and create an amazing atmosphere for everyone day in and day out epic. 



GMAT: Do you have any fun stories from the festival worth sharing with us?


H: Honestly everyday has been fun. One of the stand out moments was playing a serious game of Ping Pong with Joey from The Used. Also Kellii from Sleeping with Sirens rocking the Hyro Gang shirt on stage. 



GMAT: After Disrupt ends, what are your plans? 


H: After Disrupt Fest ends, I’m working on new music and getting ready to rock AFROPUNK Festival. 



GMAT: Is there anything else you would like to share? 


H: Keep ya head up and keep rocking. 



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