A Chat With Los Angeles Band Highland

July 11, 2019



The Los Angeles based band called Highland consists of a drummer from Fargo, a guitarist from Santa Clarita, and a vocalist from San Diego. They all have a deep love for pop-punk, metal, and alternative music, which brought them together via Craigslist. Highland made their music industry debut in October with a cover of Mason Ramsey's "Famous", where they successfully transformed a viral country tune into a hardcore banger. Their track gained momentum, and was recognized by major Spotify playlists, racking them up with more than 80K streams on their first ever release. After taking some time to write and record, Highland is here with their 4rd single, "YNK" (You'll Never Know). Their powerful drums, clean vocals, and stellar guitar get you addicted to their sound. They have a ton of music in the works, as they are ready to deliver only the best to their fans.  


GMAT: How did you guys form Highland?


H: We formed Highland through Craigslist actually. It was a trial and error process, but we eventually got the dream team. 



GMAT: What is your writing process like?


H: Recently, our writing process has consisted of guitarist, Jesse Millard, and drummer, David Pinder, meeting up and jamming until they have a solid instrumental track. From there, they shoot it to vocalist, Dylan Tayag, to write the lyrics and melody. It then typically evolves a bit more, then it is ready to record. 



GMAT: Who are you inspired by?


H: Some of our biggest inspirations include bands like State Champs, A Day To Remember, and Point North. 



GMAT: What is something that we may not know about you? 


H: You may not know that Highland's vocalist, Dylan, also works as a clinical therapist. 



GMAT: What are your hopes and dreams for Highland?


H: Our hopes and dreams for Highland are just to make music that we love that people can identify with. 


Take a listen to their cover of "Famous" here:



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