NEXT CItY: Samuel Larsen’s Infectious Rock Project

July 6, 2019


From his work on Glee and After, Samuel Larsen is taking his musical skills to the next level in a rock project called NEXT CItY. Based in Los Angeles, NEXT CItY is combining their experimental energy with the rock and roll we all love to share a new side to music. If you listen to Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, or even pop sensations Twenty One Pilots, NEXT CItY is perfect for you. Back in May, NEXT CItY released two singles entitled “Blue Star” and “Tell Me.”


“Blue Star” is an anthem highlighting the deep, inner world of the reality of a Hollywood lifestyle. Contrasting between a dream and reality, “Blue Star” does a wonderful job capturing the truth. With lyrics like, “And your dreams are how they pay us and I promise that’ll never change,” Larsen and the rest of NEXT CItY are truly creating infectious, pop and rock jams. 


Listen to “Blue Star” here:



NEXT CItY’s second single, “Tell Me” is not only my favorite between the two, but a perfect representation of the dynamic work that the band puts into their releases. Larsen sings, “Tell me what you like, tell me what you need, I’ll be anything you want,” to emphasize the bands overall message of a back and forth relationship with an uncertainty of what they actually want. 

Check out “Tell Me” here:



By adding a twist to modern rock and roll and pop music, NEXT CItY is on their way to taking over the charts! Connect with them on social media!


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