An Interview With 15 Year Old Emmrose

July 1, 2019


Rising from New York City is 15 year old pop singer Emmrose. She recently released a single entitled “Dangerous Eyes,” a pop anthem about unrequited love. “Dangerous Eyes” is not only a powerful representation of what Emmrose has to offer but it’s the perfect lead up to her EP Hopeless Romantics which is due to be released this summer. Through layered harmonies combined with vocals, Emmrose is constantly creating and proving that she is one to watch. Keep reading to learn more about herself, inspiration, and advice for creators her age!


Be sure to listen to "Dangerous Eyes" right here:



GMAT: Introduce yourself! Who is Emmrose? 


E: Emmrose is essentially me. I’m still trying to figure out who I am, and who I want to be out. I’m 15 years old, and I live in New York City, which is pretty cool. You see all these TV shows about living in New York City, and I think if I hadn’t lived here, all I would ever want is to live here. But really, all I can think of is getting out.



GMAT: What message are you trying to share with your music? 


E: You don’t need someone who keeps hurting you in your life. There are always good people out there who can care about you, you don’t need the pain of loving somebody who can’t love you back. 


GMAT: I read that you have an EP, Hopeless Romantics, coming out this summer! What can we expect from it?


E: A continuous effort to let go of somebody. More drama ensues... The songs are all so different, each is recorded with a different use of production and instruments. It’s basically a journey into my mind. The lyrics tell a story, and the music really sets a scene of what I was feeling.



GMAT: What kind of struggles have you faced being a high school student? 


E: Loneliness and anxiety. I’ve always been kind of an outsider among my peers. I’ll be in a room with over a hundred people that are there, and I don’t want to talk to anybody. So I’m the one ostracizing myself from everyone, only to then complain about being unnoticed. It’s that whole feeling of “not existing” I wrote in my lyrics for the song "Betrayer". The last few lines were about being ignored, and how you can feel like you don’t matter at all so you can just disappear - dramatic, I know. High school has gotten much better now that I have finally found people that care about me, people that I’m definitely talking to in a room of hundreds of people. People who I don’t feel invisible around.



GMAT: Do you have any advice for other creators your age?


E: Don’t pay attention to what your critics say. I had this jazz music theory teacher who said that my songs were too repetitive, so I wrote a more complex song but he didn’t like that one either.



GMAT: Is there anything else you would like to share? 


E: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.



Stay in contact with Emmrose on her social media! 


Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 



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