The Jins Seem To Have a “Death Wish,” Do You?

June 30, 2019


Modern rock band, The Jins, based out of Vancouver, have had an exciting couple of months. Since their last album release in 2017, the band has managed to pull together a new EP entitled Death Wish. Composed of five songs, the band expresses their own thoughts and questions about death while incorporating all of their unique musical abilities.


Death Wish starts with a track called “She Said.” Lead singer, Ben Larson, shows off his ability to transition between his normal vocals and the growl-like style of singing that is signature to the band. While being accompanied by riveting guitar sounds, the song is driven to set up the overall sound of the EP.


You can watch the official music video for “She Said” here: 



The title track of the EP “Death Wish” lives up to its name and discusses how one can feel lost or sometimes like they’ve “tuned in late” to certain aspects of life. Musically this track contains diversity especially in the vocals and drums. I found this song particularly interesting, not only because it is the title track of the EP, but because of the super close collaboration of the guitar and vocals that adds another ear pleasing depth to the song. 


Check out “Death Wish” here:



“On Your Own” and “Throw it Away” keep the signature edge to the sound of the band while showing that they are capable of a more relaxed musical composition. In “Throw It Away,” Larson is very revealing of his own inner emotions as he goes through life trying to find answers. Along with “On Your Own,” which showcases a feeling of isolation and a rather sublime guitar solo, these two songs happen to be my two personal favorites off the EP because of how easily relatable they are.


The final song entitled “Pop Song” gives an anthem like feeling as it concludes The Jins’ new EP. Mixing patches of instrumentals, the band puts everything they have, vocally and musically into the song. Overall, the messages within Death Wish are full of raw thoughts that may be seen as negative, however, The Jins give a very upbeat perspective and I am interested in seeing what else they have to say in the future. 


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