Ghost Chant's "Shapes in the Light"

June 22, 2019

Ghost Chant, a quintet based out of Hudson Valley, New York just released an EP titled Shapes in the Light with a heartfelt trio of singles. Bringing a new edge to post-hardcore, Ghost Chant, after the ending of two bands, has pushed to become one of the best bands in the northeast. They have released and recorded multiple other singles as well as a self-titled EP proving that they have the talent to bring themselves over the top.


  photo by Brandon Lane


Ghost Chant started in early 2018 but has made a large impact in such a short amount of time. Their new EP, Shapes in the Light only gives more attention to the idea that they are ready to break boundaries and push themselves in the scene of post-hardcore music.


Their new EP begins with a song entitled “Weathered Skin.” This track not only welcomes a powerful Ghost Chant song, but it shares their heavier side. Though the other songs have similar elements, “Weathered Skin” is the perfect song to listen to for satisfying your metal sweet tooth.  


“Weathered Skin” transitions into a song called “Framework.” Between the three songs, this has to be my favorite. With such powerful vocals, this song ties together the EP. Though softer than the other two songs, this song shows that Ghost Chant has a variety of skills. It’s a heart-hitting song with a chance to embrace this variety. Take a listen to “Framework” below.



Ending the EP is “Distance.” The fulfilling combination of heavy and soft sounds, Ghost Chant ends Shapes in the Light in a lovely way. With only three songs on the EP, Ghost Chant made sure to include all of their skills in the aspects of instrumentals and vocals. Shapes in the Light is an EP everyone should consider listening to not only for sound but the powerful meanings behind each song.


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