twentythreenineteen release XXIIIXIX

June 21, 2019

Philadelphia’s twentythreenineteen just released their debut LP, XXIIIXIX, a twelve track album infused with melodic vocabulary and pop-punk, punk-rock sounds. The band shares stories of anxiety filled lives yet shows ways of straying from the stories despite struggles.


XXIIIXIX opens up with a track entitled “Lost.” This song represents the skill of twentythreenineteen while bringing all elements of a captivating introduction to this album.



Similarly sounding to “Lost,” song two, “Losing Touch,” is another lovely sounding track. Accompanied with a music video, “Losing Touch” has to be one of my favorite songs from the album. Not only does it represent a relationship, it brings to light soft sounding vocals and instrumentals that twentythreenineteen is best represented by.


Watch the official video for “Losing Touch” here:


Though the whole album contains twelve uniquely lovely songs, “Tangled” stands out to me the most. Not only does this song enhance the reference to the classic and beloved movie Monsters Inc., it brings to light the energy filled, upbeat side of twentythreenineteen. This song is infectious on too many levels.


At only 32 minutes long, twentythreenineteen proved this album to be one of the best releases of 2019. I find myself listening to this album on repeat Just like the beginning of track seven, “Convince Me,” states, “ is the best thing ever, that’s it.” They prove this statement to be true, plus a little more. XXIIIXIX is the perfect first album to prove music as, in fact, one of the best things ever.


On June 28, twentythreenineteen will be celebrating the release of this album in Oaklyn, New Jersey. Be sure to stop by if you’re in the area. Check out the event page on Facebook here.


If you can’t attend the show, still keep in touch!


Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify



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