Lee Brown is “Not Gonna Buy Your Love”

June 14, 2019


From his home in the United Kingdom to the United States, we have our eyes on Los Angeles based artist, Lee Brown. He just released his first single entitled “Not Gonna Buy Your Love” accompanied with a music video. This song is a real anthem that we need today in our materialistic world. It acts as a friendly reminder about finding the importance of being in the moment, instead of getting distracted by things in life that don’t matter. Along with the song, these reminders are reflected in his sun-soaked music video, which you can watch here:



The track inspires listeners to sing along with confidence. While having a blast to Lee Brown’s energetic beats and unexpected harmonies, the music video gives you all-the-feels with a Los Angeles based backdrop.


The lyrics, “Tell me honey, if I lost all my money, would you stick around?”, is an unfortunately valid question that needs to be asked. But in today’s world, it is important to make sure that those you keep close are there for the right reasons.


Lee Brown also sings, “I’m all about the vibe and not about the prize,” which shines a light on how our focus should be shifted to what’s on the inside, as opposed to what we see on the outside.


With a great message and killer vocals, Lee Brown has got it all. For “Not Gonna Buy Your Love” only being his first solo release, alongside his acoustic version of the track, we are sitting on the edge of our seats to see what he has in store for us next!


If you’re in the LA area on June 24, be sure to stop by the Moroccan Lounge to see Lee perform his first ever headlining show! Details on the event can be found here.



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