Del Pelson's "Heather Lou"

May 21, 2019


Summer is right around the corner and with the rapidly warming temperatures, people are starting to look for their next summer bop. If you are one of those people, you need to look no further! Del Pelson’s new single “Heather Lou” has everything you might want from an upbeat, summertime jam: bright melodies, an unrelenting bass, and a tempo that makes you want to dance in the sand. Del Pelson might be new in the game, but with “Heather Lou” they are proving to be a fast indie favorite.


Sprightly pop songs can be very hit or miss in today’s music industry, especially in the indie-pop community. At this point the consumer is craving something new with hints of the old pop they once knew and loved, and the boys of Del Pelson are hitting that marker perfectly. Their sound is very reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys and Bombay Bicycle Club, but of course they’re bringing their own amazing spin to the table. With a hint of the ever beloved indie sound of the early 2000’s and a bright, modern overtone, Del Pelson are doing something most bands cannot; mixing nostalgia with current music trends. Whether this be deliberate or not it’s something that pulls the listeners in and keeps them coming back, and it’s certainly creating a well deserved fanbase.


The Florida based band seemed to use the influence of the sunshine state to make the sounds that go into "Heather Lou" but the same could not be said about the lyrics. While the flashy guitar and soaring vocals might fool you into thinking this is an all around happy song, the lyrics describe a girl who is becoming distant while onlookers try to figure out the cause and how to help. This point is driven home with their music video in which the band is engaged in a therapy session with 'Heather Lou', presumably trying to get to the bottom of why she looks so blue. The video features the band playing live performance style while 'Heather Lou' sits in a therapy chair looking disinterested. The lyrics and the video showcase the helpless feeling you have when you see someone you care about being overcome by depression, and you can tell that the message is very genuine.


Del Pelson is a rapidly growing nebulae and before we know it they will transform into full blown stars. Make sure to listen and watch "Heather Lou" on all available streaming platforms and support the band in their early stages as we will definitely be hearing more from them very soon.



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