Kim Petras' New Pop Anthems

May 15, 2019

Kim Petras, a German-born, pop singer-songwriter is quickly rising on the US pop charts. In the past few weeks, Kim has released four catchy new songs called “Broken,” “Got My Number,” “Blow It All,” and “Sweet Spot.” Compared to past releases, these new singles represent a huge change in sound along with a new era for Petras and her team.


Photo by Thom Kerr



Between the two new singles, “Broken” has to be my favorite. Between the mixes of new pop, modern hip-hop, and R&B sounds, this song tells the story a deep and meaningful part in Kim’s relationship world. This song is a look back on one of Kim’s relationships created with the hopes that her ex feels just as much pain as she did. Kim sings, “You don’t even know what you did to me / tears fall like rain man / you broke my heart baby literally / I just can’t take it.” It’s a personal song that not only means everything to Kim (as stated in the video’s description on Youtube), but introduces the experimental change of sound for Kim.


Watch the official lyric video for “Broken” here.




"Got My Number” was the second single recently released by Kim. Compared to “Broken,” this song is more infectious and energetic. It’s a song that represents Kim trying to lure in a lover. Basically, if they’re ready, she’s here. Kim sings, “Don’t wanna be a good girl tonight / I just wanna be a bad girl alright / Just wanna be your only one / You should hit me up / Boy you got my number.” During the song, Kim also says the telephone number of her dear friend Jesse Saint John, who has been reportedly filling with text messages and calls from fans around the world. And yes, they [Kim and Jesse] are replying and answering to some of them. “Got My Number” is the perfect song to head in the warmer, summer months with.


Watch the lyric video for “Got My Number” here.





“Blow It All” is Kim’s third most recent release. This song does an extraordinary job emphasizing her hard-working, pop sensation skills. This single is more like “Broken,” a laid back, pop song. It’s infused with hip-hop sounds that set her apart from the rest. In this song, Kim sings, “Tonight, we got this we gon be alright / Yeah we live like we’re never gonna die / Never die.” Not only are these lyrics my favorite but they prove Kim isn’t afraid to live.


Watch the lyric video for “Blow It All” here.









Kim’s song “Sweet Spot” is the perfect disco-inspired pop hit. As summer time approaches, there is not a doubt in my mind that this song will be constantly played on “top summer hits” playlists around the world, accompanied with “Got My Number.” These songs are infectious, poppy, and hard to hate. Comparing to her other releases, and past releases, it is clear that Kim is getting better and better with each song.


Watch the official lyric video for “Sweet Spot” here.





Check out Kim's upcoming tour dates here!


Be sure to stay in contact with Kim as her journey in pop music continues!

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