Den of Wolves Releases Debut Album 'Lovesdead'

May 12, 2019

Rising from Charlotte, North Carolina is a three-piece band that will instantly fill your metal sweet tooth. In March, metalcore band, Den of Wolves released their debut album. Lovesdead is jam packed with nine heavy songs that are contagious. Den of Wolves proved themselves worthy of the scene while sharing a piece of the large music scene residing in Charlotte.




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Lovesdead opens up with a six minute song called “Bermuda.” Though long, it captures the energy and soul of this North Carolina metal band. “Bermuda,” if you listen closely, is a mix of a few genres. It is not just metal. This song is a compromise of the styles and genres that Den of Wolves enjoys - and they make it work. It’s a strong opening to the album adding a high standard of uniqueness for the rest of the album.


Stealing the attention is my favorite song off of the album called “Void.” In late 2018, Den of Wolves released this song as their first single for the album -  and I’m glad they did. It’s a song captures everything that Den of Wolves has to offer. “Void” is a catchy metal song infused with heavy sounds and vocals that rises above the rest. The song opens with “I’m starting to think that I can’t save myself,” which to many, is relatable on multiple levels leaving this song heart-wrenching, yet noteworthy.



The last song on the album “I Don’t Belong Here,” begins with a spoken monologue about the feeling of not belonging. This monologue follows the relatable themes of “Void” Therefore making this a complex and suitable album for every metal listener along with an outsider interested in exploring their music taste. If you are interested expanding your tastes into metal music, listening to Den of Wolves is one of the best places to start.


Lovesdead is only a 39 minute album yet seems to leave the listening expecting and wanting more from the band. Let’s hope that Den of Wolves treats us to new music soon. To tie you over, Den of Wolves has a few upcoming shows! Be sure to attend. These are shows that you don’t want to miss!


May 18 at the Kaboom Art Gallery in Garner, North Carolina

June 1 at the Skylark Social Club in Charlotte, North Carolina

June 7 at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte, North Carolina

June 22 at Snug Harbor in Charlotte, North Carolina


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