SAMIA Talks Touring with Hippo Campus and Trusting Yourself

May 10, 2019

SAMIA's tour with Hippo Campus stopped in Madison, WI on April 26th at The Sylvee. Writer and photographer Ashely Evers got to sit down with SAMIA before the show to chat. Check out Ashley's interview anf photos below:


With just 22 years under her belt, SAMIA greeted me with open arms sporting a graphic crewneck and checkered pants. This young rockstar has been gaining traction in the alternative scene, especially after just concluding a cross country tour with Donna Missal.


I had the opportunity to talk to SAMIA about some of her latest experiences on tour with Hippo Campus. SAMIA grew up in Los Angeles and spent a lot of time with her friends who were big into the DIY scene. She was born in New York City but quickly found her place within West Coast culture.


Her eclectic music taste ranges all the way from selections  contemporary as Drake, to as indie as Pinegrove. In her own work, her style circles around the indie-rock genre, but every track gives listeners something different.


“I know this sounds so cliche, but you really just have to trust yourself,” she admits. SAMIA talked a bit about imposter syndrome and how almost everyone goes through it at some point in their life, but relying on her talent and remembering why she does what she does has been a great way to overcome those feelings.


She pulls most of her influence for her own music from personal experience. Ultimately, she greatly admires all her friends art and absolutely adores Father John Misty. Her own music is ahead of its time, and what SAMIA creates is truly a combination of the new and the old.


She commented on how tour with Hippo Campus has been so far. “They’re so nice and they don’t have to be,” describing the boys of Hippo Campus. Even on the road she has been a busy girl with new music in the works for her fans. SAMIA has a new single coming out in May and has been working diligently on a new album which is coming soon.


Before she got ready to perform, SAMIA gave her insight to young women struggling to pursue their passions:


“It can happen and it will happen,” she mentions. This statement resonated with me greatly and her presence and words were a breath of fresh air.


SAMIA embodies what she speaks on stage and her live show most definitely demonstrated her spunky personality and talent throughout her opening set. Her positive light shined through on stage after just seconds of her performance. Natural talent flowed in the ease of her vocals and captivated the entire crowd. Her confidence and expressive dancing were contagious and got everyone dancing after her first track.


She proudly belted out the feminist anthem “Someone Tell The Boys” with power and truth.

Towards the end, many jaws dropped when she broke out in the first few lines of “Barracuda” by Heart.


Overall, she frankly looked as if she was having the time of her life on stage, which is what creating music and performing is all about. With many years of her career ahead of her, this lyrical genius is candidly a firecracker on stage. Her badass persona and sharp-witted soul will carry her into success with her future musical pursuits. She will be one to watch as females in music continue to shake up genres and continuously put their best foot forward.  


See photos from the show below:




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