Emerging Pop Artist Makena Releases "Let You Go"

April 11, 2019



Earlier this year, I wrote highly of Makena’s single “Fuqboi Worktape.” She’s back today with a new single entitled, “Let You Go.” This song may not be as hip and upbeat as her previous single, but it still gives an interesting insight on Makena’s life and her continuous relationship problems.


“Let You Go” represents a softer side, yet is still infused with catchy sounds and hooks. This new song tells the story of a relationship with bad timing. After time, you have to let the significant other go. Makena said, “It [“Let You Go”] was written right before I moved to LA when I was seeing this guy. We both knew it wasn’t going to work out, but it could have been something great.”


Still for the fans of Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Halsey, Makena brings a new element into the world of pop music. “Let You Go” is one of the perfect relationship-ending songs while still highlighting all of Makena’s talents into one. Heartbreaking yet relatable, soft and sweet.


Once again, I’ve caught myself listening to this song over and over. As Makena sings, “why are you telling me to stay . . . so let’s not get too close and pretend what we could be,” in the chorus leaves the listener with unsettled mixed emotions because of the relatable words and irresistible sounds.


Makena’s sound is going everywhere in the right direction. Keep in touch with Makena as her year continues and be sure to listen to “Let You Go” on your favorite streaming platforms!


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