Pottery Makes Their NYC Debut

April 9, 2019


Montreal’s Pottery haven’t been around for long, but they sure are here to stay. Comprised of Austin Boylan, Jacob Shepansky, Paul Jacobs, Peter Baylis, and Tom Gould, the band’s fast-paced, post-punk inspired tunes have been gaining fast attention around the country. On April 5, Pottery made their New York City debut to a sold-out crowd at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, where they opened for Viagra Boys. They certainly came through. 


Though Pottery have only been playing together for a little over a year, it is near impossible to tell. The band played with a kind of ease that comes only from years of experience. They engaged their crowd thoroughly with an energizing and electrifying set. Newly released singles “Hank Williams” and “Lady Solinas” went over well, the breakneck guitar and chorus getting everyone pumped up. The garage-type grit of their music, matched with their danceable beat, made for an interesting and intriguing dynamic. Pottery also played a handful of tracks from their upcoming record, No. 1, which is due to be released May 10. From the sounds of it, it is an album that is not to be missed. 


Pottery more than succeeded in getting their crowd hyped, hypnotized, and head over heels in love. Watching them was like being transported back to the golden days of punk, where nothing mattered except a wailing guitar and a will to be wild. Their lo-fi, high energy music was enough to win the room over. It is safe to say that we are anxiously awaiting their arrival back in the States soon. 

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