Greyson Chance's Portraits Tour Sells Out Boston, MA Show

March 28, 2019

This past Saturday, March 23rd, fans lined up around the block at small club Sonia in Cambridge, MA to see Greyson Chance, along with support act, CHYLD for a sold out show. When I would tell people I would be attending the show, the average response was "Greyson do I know that name?" - Chance's video singing Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" skyrocketed in 2010 when it was shared on The Ellen Show. With that stint of fame came his first studio album, 2011's Hold On 'Til The Night, and would continue releasing singles and EPs the following years until he started college in 2017. After 2 years in school, music was calling to Greyson once again, but this time, he wanted to take songwriting into his own hands.


Having not toured the US in years, 'Enchancers' reunited at the show. Most of them wearing shirts from Greyson's previous tours, a bit worn and snug, fans hugged and cried as they were once again brought together in person at a Greyson Chance show.


As opener CHYLD finished his set, the projector was raised to reveal a large banner with Chance's album title portraits displayed. Fans could not contain their joy as Chance took the stage with his single "shut up". As he has done throughout the tour, Greyson took off his jacket to reveal a white DIY tshirt with "BOS" stenciled on it.


Throughout the night, Greyson was open and vulnerable with the audience. He shared stories of the inspiration behind portraits, mostly concerning a recent breakup with the man he thought to have a future with. Chance also shared his discontent with society's obsession around our value of number of likes and followers, scoffing "F*ckin' Instagram, man..."



Later in the set, before performing "west texas", Chance told the story of one of his first gigs at 12 years old. Taking the stage at his brother's fraternity house, 12-year-old Greyson addressed the crowd: "This is for all the people who've f*cked me over." With initially lighthearted laughs from the audience, Greyson further explained the conversation that followed with his mother and how she told him"men don't talk like that, boys do - and I'm raising you to be a man." The entirety of the story can be heard on the album's track "plains".


Greyson Chance definitely showed he was grown-up now. Between throwing the "BOS" t-shirt the crowd, to change into an all "black on black" outfit, to chugging white wine from the bottle turing "twenty one", Chance's fame did not get to him. His stage persona was fun and entertaining, while not taking himself too seriously.


The night ended with Chance returning, out of his "black on black" outfit, to perform "white roses" (where fans brought him actual white roses) and his single, "yours".


The Portraits Tour closes out in the coming weeks. See if Greyson is coming to a city near you, or listen to portraits here


4/5 Chicago - Lincoln Hall

4/7 Denver - Lost Lake

6/11 Seattle - Neumous

6/12 Vancouver - Fox Cabaret


words by: Risa Tapanes

photos by: Risa Tapanes


tour poster from @greysonchance on Twitter



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