Stella Donnelly: Beware Of The Dogs Review

March 27, 2019




Australian singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly released a new album earlier this month. On top of artists like Kate Nash, Dodie, Courtney Barnett, Julien Baker, and Soccer Mommy, Stella Donnelly has proved herself to be one of the next best alternative and indie based female musicians. Focused on highlighting relationship and controversial female issues with her soft, Stella’s captivating voice will keep you intrigued throughout the whole album. Stella’s music, especially the songs on Beware of the Dogs, are coated with an aesthetic and humor that shouldn’t be dismissed in 2019.


Beware of the Dogs, featuring songs like “Old Man” and “Boys Will Be Boys,” dropped on March 8, 2019. Ever since then, this album has been on a constant repeat. To me, Beware of the Dogs carries a vibe of “everything will be okay.” With that in mind, the album is so much significant.


The second track on the album, “Mosquito,” is one of the most peaceful and laid back songs featured. It’s the “feel good, sleepy time song” everyone should want as they lay their head on their pillow. “You’re a pretty light and I’m still attracted to ya,” Donnelly repeats a handful of times throughout the three-minute song. This line is not only a perfect reference to the lives of mosquitos but paired with instrumentals, her voice is pure and calming.


“Mosquito” transitions well into one of my favorite songs on the album entitled, “Season’s Greetings.” Contrasting against “Mosquito,” this song is a more upbeat, danceable song. Intertwining throughout the song are various instruments pairing with her soft voice, “you’ve been a hallmark from the start.” As the song approaches the end, the upbeat background track slows down. The song then ends in Donnelly’s voice repeating, “f*** up your life.”


Track six of the album highlights Donnelly’s vocal range profoundly well. “Boys Will Be Boys” is a song about trying to decide on an explanation for the tendencies of society during a rape and/or sexual assault accusation and events. “Boys Will Be Boys” is one of the most important song off of the album. You shouldn’t just stream this song once. It’s a song meant to be played over and over again until sense is made.


On her Youtube channel, Stella included in the “Boys Will Be Boys” music video caption, “A song is just a song but at the very least I hope it will open up difficult yet important conversations between family members, friends, government bodies, organisations and most importantly, boys and men.”


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