tiLLie: Loud Mouth EP Review

March 26, 2019



Earlier this month, Grace Kelly, or commonly known as tiLLie dropped her sophomore EP, Loud Mouth. Currently based out of Los Angeles, this anti-pop female artist is taking the internet by storm. At first, her songs are catchy and danceable… until you read further into the song and focus on the lyrics. The four songs on Loud Mouth are a great representation on the vocal ranges tiLLie holds as well as her viewpoint on the current world and more.


Loud Mouth opens up with a track entitled “Faith,” which tiLLie previously released before the official drop of her album. “Faith” is accompanied with a music that you can watch here. This song introduces her soft and welcoming vocals intertwined with pop sounds. “I got faith,” tiLLie repeats many times throughout the song. Combined with a super catchy chorus, this song perfectly represents having trust and faith in yourself no matter what past relationships have caused to your state of mind.


Track two on the EP is entitled “Loud Mouth.” Personally, this is my favorite song featured on the EP. Not only is this song slightly catchier than “Faith,” it’s a song being yourself and voicing your opinions. “I won’t apologize for the way I am just cause you can’t do it,” is the ultimate verse to describe this song. “Loud Mouth” is danceable for sure yet it carries a weight that is too heavy to ignore.


The EP transitions into two songs titled “Mood Swings” and “Whole Wide World.” Both of these songs still carry heavy weights with the idea of female mood swings as well as the negative connotations that females carry throughout their lives. These two songs revolve around the ideas of mental illness and believing in yourself. Which, perfectly describes tiLLie’s anti-pop genre along with the overall motifs and themes of Loud Mouth.


If you’re a fan of Paramore, SAINTE, and Love You Later, you will instantly fall in love with the Loud Mouth EP and tiLLie. She is one of the best examples of sharing real-world situations through upbeat tones and you don’t want to miss your chance of listening.


tiLLie is currently on tour with Cherry Pools. Check out the flyer for her next show!

 Check out her socials here: Official Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Spotify


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