Artist Interview: ZACHARIAH

March 26, 2019



If you’re looking for the perfect moody pop sound to get you all in your feels, I have the perfect musician for you. Upcoming artist ZACHARIAH makes music that is utterly irresistible, with a sound that makes you want to call up you ex and a voice that encaptures you in the best way possible, he is definitely an artist to watch in 2019. He uses his highs and his lows to create beautifully personal songs that inspire people to love every part of their lives and will soon be breaking the charts. Though his schedule is busy with the promotion of his new single ‘Winter Doesn’t Wait’ and the brand new music video to accompany it, he made time to answer some of my questions, and gave some insight into what the future might hold for his career.   


GMAT: Congratulation on the release of ‘Winter Doesn’t Wait’! For me personally, it’s one of the best new releases I’ve heard. I love the slow pop sound of this single and was wondering what inspired you to do this type of music?


ZACHARIAH: Thank you! To be honest, it was just the feeling of the day. We got to the studio and put some soft acoustic guitar down and just went from there. I remember I was feeling very nostalgic that day and just wanted to sing about the summer that came and went.


GMAT: The lyrics in this song exceptionally personal, is it hard to make your own experiences into music? Have there ever been times in your life where after something happens you think “I should write a song about this”?


ZACHARIAH: I wouldn’t say it’s hard to put my own experience into my music -- it’s more daunting to know other people will listen to it and make their own meanings and assumptions. But that’s what’s so great about music, and art in general. You write it and then you get to give it away. I’m not sure that I can just write whenever I’m sad or broken hearted. It takes a while for me to gather ideas and my songs come more from reflections of the past.


GMAT: You’ve already reached so many milestones in your early career, but what is your biggest goal you want to accomplish in 2019?


ZACHARIAH: I would love to release an EP by the end of the year, and hopefully play some shows around the country!


GMAT: You’ve openly talked about how coming out has a lot to do with your lyrics and the way you write songs, which I think is a big inspiration for many, but how much do you think this experience has affected your creative process?


ZACHARIAH: I think it’s affected my creative process a lot. I try to include pronouns in my music - I like being as honest in my writing as possible - so in a way I come out every time someone new listens to my songs. I also think it’s important to be open, and that it’s important for LGBTQ+ people to hear themselves and their experiences represented in music. I didn’t have that growing up.


GMAT: Your songs are very unique and eclectic, and I’m assuming your music taste would be similar so, who are your top 3 favorite musicians/bands?


ZACHARIAH: I love everything from bubblegum pop to jazz to experimental R&B. Currently I’m obsessed with Rosalia’s latest album, and Loyal by Jasmine Thompson.


GMAT: Speaking of good taste, your aesthetic with your single covers and Instagram are out of this world. Are you into photography?


ZACHARIAH: I love photography! One of my favorite parts of this whole process is coming up with the visuals for the music. I often hear music in imagery or color, which sounds weird, but it helps in my writing and in creating the single art and visuals.


GMAT: With all the fans you’ve been gaining over the past year, I know many would like to know if you are planning on touring any time soon?


ZACHARIAH: It’s definitely a huge goal for this year!


GMAT: Finally, are there any exclusive insights into the future of ZACHARIAH that you can give the readers of Give Me A Try?


ZACHARIAH: So much more music is coming in the next few months! And maybe a video or two.


With so much more to look out for, and such great talent witness you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on the ever rising star, ZACHARIAH. Check out his new video here!



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