GMAT Staff Playlist: Devon's Current Go-To's

March 25, 2019

GMAT’s assistant editor in chief and head of photography, Devon Munro, created this week’s Staff Playlist. Devon said, “All of these songs are my current go-to's and have been playing in my car nonstop. They're all different, some new, some old. I can't listen to the same thing over and over  again so all of my playlists are sort of chaotic, but that makes them fun. Originally, I wanted this playlist to follow a theme but I decided against it only because I wanted to share my current favorites. I've been listening to the new Juice WRLD album, Death Race For Love, a lot lately. I like a lot of the songs on it, but “Flaws and Sins” is my best friend and I's number one go-to song because we both relate to it a lot. Another album I've been into lately is 7: AMP's debut album, Bleaupro. The beginnings to each of his songs are sound clips that set the mood for the whole song - I really love that, it's so unique. I feel like you can listen to these songs no matter what kind of mood you're in...”

photo by Devon Munro


Listen to and save the playlist on our Spotify, or click the song title to listen on Youtube!


“Flaws and Sins” by Juice WRLD

“White Horse” by 7: AMP

“DEVILISH” by Chase Atlantic

“Drew Barrymore” by Bryce Vine

“Drunk & Romantic” by DYSN

“Faygo Dreams” by 6 Dogs


“No Saint” by Allday

“Understand It” by Xavier Mayne

“Broken” by Lund



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