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March 25, 2019


4 years after her debut EP "Dreamstate" was first released for the public, pop singer-songwriter Frankie is back to give more music to the world. "STA7GES" (pronounced stages) is her new 8 track EP all about break-ups and the process following.


I first discovered Frankie in 2015 flipping through new pop. I found her song “Problems, Problems” and was instantly hooked. From then I followed her and watched her career grow, even getting the chance to see in live summer of 2016. Since then I followed her through the radio success of her song “New Obsession”, her opening for Troye Sivan, and to now her releasing this new piece of music for us.


Right after the release of the EP I contacted Frankie in hopes of talking about the new music!! Enjoy our conversation below!


GMAT: You previously stated that STA7GES is based on the 7 signs of grief you based after a break-up, can you expand on that?


Frankie: Yes...this EP is all about my healing experience through a bad breakup I had at the end of 2017. I spent all of 2018 writing these songs and going through all these emotions and not realizing that I was going through all the stages of grief. When I wrote the last song on the EP, When I'm Ready, I then listened back on everything I had written and realize I had experienced this arch of emotions, that I was healed and that I had written all the stages in songform.


GMAT: Back in 2016, I along with other members of a special Milwaukee, WI audience got to hear “Strangers”. Now, almost 3 years later that song is finally finished and out for the world. What was the time in between like in terms of the creation of the song?


Frankie: Yes that song is so special to me. It originally began as a song about first love and first loss when you're 18 or however old. Then when I was going through my breakup I revisited the song and it took on a completely new meaning to me and it was exactly what I was going through all over again. I knew I had to put it on the EP and that it would touch people in all different stages of their life.


GMAT: I love the EP so much. Each song is catchier than the last. What was the creation of these songs like?


Frankie: Aww thank you! My process usually begins with a little seed of the song coming to me when I least expect it...i'll grab my phone and quickly record it in my voicemails. Then I try to flush it out a little bit on my guitar and when I can't go any further with it I bring it to the boys, Ben Rose and Joey Orton, and we begin flushing it out together. Ben is the producer and Joey is the songwriter so the three of us together is a perfect fit. Then once we feel like its perfect the song is born.


GMAT: How was making STA7GES different from making your debut EP Dreamstate? I hear a lot of pop Taylor Swift influences within your music (“You Decided” and “Lost in Translation”). Would you say she is someone you look up to in the music industry? Anyone else?


Frankie: That’s so sweet, i'll take it! For STA7GES I didn't care as much to make something perfect I just wanted to make something honest and real and vulnerable in hopes that someone else in the world related to what I was going through. This EP was more like therapy for me. I definitely love Taylor Swift, she's a huge inspiration for me, she's been supportive of me in the past so getting a pat on the back from her was a milestone in my career. I love Coldplay as well... they're a big influence on me.


GMAT: Already 2 months in you have accomplished a lot. What are some of your other goals for the rest of 2019?


Frankie: Yes! 2019 is off to an amazing start for sure! I want to go on a big tour this year hopefully in the summer and I would love to visit Europe as well. I'd say those two things are big goals for this year. Wish me luck!


You can listen to FRANKIE’s EP STA7GES on all streaming services now!




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