Tame Impala Returns With New Single, "Patience"

March 24, 2019

“Has it really been that long? Did I count the days wrong?” sums up anyone's thoughts who has been longing for Tame Impala to return to their respective streaming platforms.

                                                                                                                                     photo by Matt Sav


The last thread Tame Impala fans had to hold onto was their beloved and unforgettably cohesive album, Currents.


Sometimes, picking up where you left off is lackluster and disappointing — like a  bad sequel to a great film. But other times, it is unequivocally magical. “Patience” revitalizes what you may have had no idea even dried up during the four-year drought and warms the parts of you heart you didn’t realize had gone cold. The return of the heavy synth that was so prevalent in Currents, as well as the group’s signature phaser, makes it sound like a song that simply never made it on the previous album.


Four years is a decent chunk of time, especially for this band’s demographic.


“Just growin' up in stages

Livin' life in phases

Another season changes.”


Many people who entered college with Currents are leaving with “Patience” (and so much student debt). A lot of change and a lot of fundamental growth happen in that time, for worse and for better.


“Patience” mirrors the band’s song “Yes I’m Changing” heavily with the themes of change, rebirth, and renewal — reinforcing the idea that we will change as we grow. Life keeps moving forward as it always has.


But our phases make us who we are, and the lyrics about change contrasted with the familiarity of Tame Impala’s sound accentuate the fact we don’t have to leave our old selves behind, even as we grow and change.


Click here to listen to "Patience" 


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