Teach Me Human Releases New Single "Tell Me That You Love Me"

March 23, 2019

At 10,000 feet in the air, singer/songwriter Brian Cotter writes songs. Last month, his alternative rock band, Teach Me Human, released a new single called “Tell Me That You Love Me.” With an accompanying music video, Teach Me Human has captured the feelings and emotions any person faces while being away from home for an extended amount of time.

                                                                                                     photo from Teach Me's Facebook



This Long Island band has created such touching music - through Cotter’s experiences in the United States Air Force as an aviator, listeners are inspired by the lives of our military personnel.



Drawing inspiration from artists like Beck, Two Door Cinema Club, and Foster the People, Teach Me Human released a catchy yet moving song. While Cotter was in Iraq during 2018, he created this song to represent his struggles of staying in touch with his love ones. Personally, I adore how the harsh reality of this song is buried under a catchy beat. It’s a song with the perfect mix of alternative rock and pop sounds that will keep you intrigued and hoping for more while sharing a story listeners can relate to in various amounts of ways.



When Cotter sings “I’m picking sand out of my eyes while you all eat your apple pie,” my mind instantly flashes back and forth between the scenery of Iraq and the home he left behind. These lines are powerful. It’s a perfect combination of words to not only showcase the talent of Teach Me Human, but the overall meaning of the song.


Watch the video for “Tell Me That You Love Me” here.


Throughout the rest of 2019, Cotter and the rest of Teach Me Human is working hard on creating their first full length album. After previously recording and releasing two EPs on their own, Teach Me Human is ready to make the next step in their career. Be on the lookout for new announcements from Teach Me Human in the coming months!


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