Birthright: Baltimore’s Hardcore Up ‘N Comers

March 22, 2019

Five piece melodic hardcore band Birthright is rising from their hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Since 2014, Birthright has been providing emotional and relatable music. For fans of La Dispute, Pianos Become the Teeth, and Touche Amore, Birthright is the perfect fit for listeners ready for an emotional ride. Over the years, they have released countless EPs and singles, as well as sharing the stage with bands like Being As An Ocean, Pianos Become the Teeth and Have Mercy. Their songs, revolving around real-life issues of relationships and the loss of a loved ones, are relatable to everyone.




In June of 2018, the band released their debut album entitled Let Me Down Easy. The album received great love from the local music scene in Baltimore and other scenes in New England. “Let Me Down Easy” features ten songs mixed with chords and lyrics that do nothing but hit home. This album, featuring “Light Of Your Love”, has an accompanying music video you can stream here as you read along.

photo by Brittney Ginevan​


The video for “Light Of Your Love” is nothing but emotion-filled and heartfelt. When lead singer Josh Seleski screams, “The blame is on me, for everything I've done… incapable of joy, incapable of love” perfectly mixes relatable lyrics and melodies that will stay with me, and other listeners, forever.



“Seven & Seven,” track five of Let Me Down Easy, is one of my favorite songs. Not only does it feature Brian Swindle of Have Mercy, but it highlights- what I believe to be- the struggle in a relationship between two people. “I found simple peace in hearing you … the familiar sound that kept me around.” “Seven & Seven” hits home not only with its lyrics, but for the mesmerizing instrumentals that leave the listener attentive for the whole song.




album artwork from Birthright's Bandcamp


In an interview with The New Fury, Birthright talked about their song “Farewell” as a song for people who recently just lost a loved on. “Farewell” is the shortest song on Let Me Down Easy, at just a minute long, but still features such powerful lyrics that resonate profoundly in the heart. Lead vocalist, Josh Seleski, wrote most of the lyrics to the song yet all of the members can relate to it.“Maybe I should say goodbye before I don’t have the chance” is one of my favorite lines. That line in “Farewell” triggers my brain to play flashbacks and memories that I forgot I had; a double-edged sword.


If you would like to hear more Birthright songs from Let Me Down Easy, like “Exist” and “Farewell,” you can name your price of the album on their Bandcamp.




For the rest of 2019, Birthright has nothing set in stone just yet. They plan to play a few local upcoming shows to keep busy. So, if you are in Baltimore or in the surrounding areas, keep your eyes peeled.


In the meantime, you can connect with them on most social media platforms:






photo by: Ian Bell


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