Jukebox The Ghost and The Mowgli's at The Metro Chicago

March 21, 2019

JukeBox The Ghost 

Jukebox The Ghost just played at the Metro Chicago on March 20th, 2019. For a 3 person band and one of the members playing piano for most of the set, they were actually a lot of fun. On top of all the that, the crowd was wild and singing along and just having as much fun as they can for a wednesday night show. My favorite part of the whole show and their set was the drummer coming out and singing baby shark. Another great part was watching the Mowgli’s coming out and singing with Jukebox the Ghost for an encore! If this amazing band stops by a city near you, I highly recommend seeing them! They are so much fun and great to see live!



The Mowgli's

The Mowgli’s are co heading with Jukebox The Ghost on the Making Friends tour. For tonight at the Metro in Chicago Mowgli’s came on before Jukebox Ghost but still gave a great performance.  The Mowgli’s are a Kanas base band and show their love for Kansas by seeing an amazing and emotional song. Another awesome thing is the energy they have on stage when they perform. They are never staying in one place, they are always moving around and singing and interacting with the crowd. If Mowgli’s ever come to a place near you, definitely go see them.


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