Two New Singles Accompany AJR's Announcement!

March 15, 2019


Everyone's favorite brotherly trio, AJR, has just announced the upcoming release of their new LP, entitled "Neotheater". This follows up 2017's "The Click"- which contained the uber popular hit singles "Weak" and "Sober Up" - which truly put AJR's name on the map and gained them a loyal and quite large fanbase. 


The New York City-based group earlier this year dropped "100 Bad Days", which is confirmed to be a single from the upcoming project. The group's signature style combines jazzy beats, booming bass tones, and quirky percussion sounds, and these qualities certainly shine through in "Days". The group loves to stay extremely upbeat and lively, and they can make the most dreary of lyrics seem somewhat positive. The chorus of this track is a catchy one as they say "A hundred bad days made a hundred good stories... A hundred good stories make me interesting at parties." The chorus has an explosion of trumpets and various percussion instruments. The group also incorporates notes of synth to add a funky and fresh sound. A very AJR track- but one that sets the tone for the new direction of their sound. 


This week, the brothers dropped the second single entitled "Birthday Party", to accompany the album announcement. The opening riff of sound that repeats throughout the song is very quirky and fantasy-like. It almost feels like this song would be played by The Mad Hatter at the tea party, or by a Dr. Seuss character. This song is all about youth and growing up in this modern world. The chorus alludes to a newborn baby, free from any of their innocence being corrupt and changed by the world. The lyrics are clever and fun, as the outro goes "A minute ago, I did not exist..It's nice to finally meet my relatives! I bet I'll never outgrow all my friends.. I bet I'll see a female president." "Birthday Party" is a track that is supposed to make you ponder and process the message, but also have fun and enjoy the vibe. 


We are beyond excited here at GMAT to hear the full LP! The band just announced a tour to accompany the album- see the dates here

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