Of Mice & Men at the House of Blues 3/3/19

March 4, 2019

Of Mice and Men performed at the House of Blues on 3/03/19 and they amazing live. Their stage performance was very lit up and they had so many fun colored and strobe lights on them the whole time which looked so cool. Valentino Arteaga, the drummer, was also so much fun to watch because not only did he have a mohawk but this drumset was super lit up so you could see him and he was making some awesome fun faces. Phil Manansala also had this super awesome groovy guitar that I could not take my eyes off when watching them perform. Alan Ashby was the other guitarist and was shredding at it, on top of that he was having so much fun playing for the camera with his hair flips. Lastly but also just as important as everyone else in the band is Aaron Pauley who was lead singer and was so much to hear sing and jam out too while he was performing. Of Mice and Men is on tour and they will be until August 23rd so make sure you see them while you can! They will also be at a few festivals!



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