Nothing More - Sold Out Show at The House Of Blues on 3/3/19

March 4, 2019

Nothing More just played at the House of Blues Chicago on March 3rd and it was one hell of a show. They started off with a white screen then you see Jonny Hawkins Shadow and he is dancing around then climbs up this ladder/siren thing and that is when everything gets wild. Nothing More is a band that does more than just play, they perform and it is so much fun to watch. Their show was sold out which makes it even better because when you look at the crowd, everyone was smiling and singing along to almost every song. I will say 3 songs to shoot does not give this band justice because of all the cool stuff they do on stage. Nothing more is touring in the U.S till March 23rd then going to be in the UK April 13th till August 3rd so if you can see them definitely go do it!

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