New Music Alert: Sara Bareilles

March 8, 2019


Sara Bareilles has finally set down the rolling pin. After writing the music for Waitress: The Musical and then starring in aforementioned production, then lending her voice to NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live!, she is back. And she is on fire.


Bareilles’ second single off her upcoming album, Amidst the Chaos, is a classic “Hey, this song is sad but you can’t really tell because it’s under the guise of a power anthem” with which anyone who is well-versed in Sara Bareilles is familiar.

But it’s also rejuvenating. Teaming up with renowned T Bone Burnett on this album came out of left field, but this choice was a home run.


Every second of this song is purposeful and metaphorical. The warm hums, the quivering beat, and the steady guitar come together to create the audible equivalent of a strong, gradually building flame. The explosive chorus is about coming to a realization that a relationship was never going to work, and by accepting that fact, allowing the flames to engulf you so you may start anew, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.


If this is just a fraction of what Sara and T Bone have up their sleeves, then we have much to look forward to.


Sara also just announced a spring tour! Check out the dates here. 


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