Watsky Returns With A "Complaint"

February 2, 2019

For years, I’ve been constantly inspired by George Watsky—most commonly known as Watsky. If you are unfamiliar with Watsky, he is an exceptional hip-hop artist, author, and poet from San Francisco, California. To kick off his 2019 music career, Watsky released his fifth studio album named Complaint on January 11.


Not only did Watsky evaluate his life in a detailed fashion, trying to pick at both his life and world around him, he experimented with new styles and sounds. Complaint shows a developed Watsky with a deeper meaning hidden behind the pop beats. At first, I was not sure what to believe of this new album because of the variety from his previous releases. After a few listens, I realized that this new change fits him beyond doubt.



“No Complaints, No Conversations” is the sixth track featured on Complaint. This song is the backbone of the album. The song tells a story of a person not wanting to escape an unhealthy relationship despite their consistent effort and love for their partner. Watsky claims he has no complaints with a relationship, but in his other verses he sings differently, “I’m in love with someone who’s bringing me harm.” Honestly, if this song did not exist on the track-listing, the album would not be a solid Watsky album. The overall message of the album would cease to exist. “No Complaints, No Conversations” is the song that ties the album together.


Complaint runs for about 30 minutes. In this short time, he gives the listener everything one could ever want from a Watsky album. We gained an insight on his opinions through creative uses of literary elements and intriguing pop beats. He left nothing behind. Complaint is a piece of work where we should admire each second.


Watsky goes above and beyond with his music, lyrically and with his sounds. In his song “Feels Alright” Watsky raps, “I'd be real dumb if I seem super… Every day we're diggin' out our souls with an ice cream scooper.” This line, along with many more, share a personal struggle that any listener can relate to. Complaint is the album people struggling to stay afloat in relationships, of any kind, need. He is constantly breaking the boundaries of your average rapper and Complaint proves it one song at a time.


Watch the official music video for his song “All Like Whatever” here!


Catch him on his COMPLAINT Tour here, and if you cannot see Watsky on his upcoming tour, stay connected with him on his socials:


Official Site: http://georgewatsky.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gwatsky/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gwatsky

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gwatsky/


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