Artist Interview and Review: Reece

January 24, 2019


If you’re looking for a fresh new voice in the R&B scene, you need to look into the rapidly rising star, Reece, whose debut EP, I’m Not Sure Yet, will be out on February 1st. He recently came into fame by accumulating over 5 million streams on Spotify and receiving glowing praises from industry giants such as Fader, Pigeons & Planes, and Billboard. Now that his name is out into the world, Reece has been putting his all into writing and recording for his new EP, and all that hard work has paid off as his new music is nothing short of genius.


With lo-fi beats and raw, emotional vocals, I’m Not Sure Yet is definitely music for the soul. Each of the five tracks has its own sound and story, yet they all tie into the melodic, soul searching theme that is so enchanting you can’t help but listen over and over. His music is beautiful, relatable, and extremely well made, so it is incredibly impressive to find out that he is an independent artist. This EP is definitely one that you want to pre-save so you can experience it all for yourself, and if you like what you hear Reece will be opening for FINNEAS in LA on January 28th and New York on February 4th. Throughout this whirlwind of promoting and getting ready for tour, Reece made some time to answer some of my questions about I’m Not Sure Yet and give some insight into the future of his career.


You are fairly new to the “mainstream” music world, how does it feel to have accumulated such a big following in such a short time?

It’s such a crazy feeling, it really shows the power the internet truly possesses. I’m so grateful that my music can resonate with so many people, it means the world to me.


You received praise from huge names like Fader, Billboard, and countless others. What went through your mind when you saw your name in such influential publishing’s?

I respect those publications wholeheartedly, so them validating my artistry made me (and still makes me) feel so completely honored.  


When did you start playing music and when did you know you wanted to make a career out of it?

I started making music at 15 but I didn’t start taking it seriously until I was about 18/19.


Your music is heavily focused on R&B; Is there any person/band that influenced you to take that route?

I think the person who influences me the most is Imogen Heap, but it was definitely Frank Ocean who influenced me to take a more R&B route.


Your lyrics are very heartfelt, how do you feel about laying your raw emotions out for anyone to hear?

It’s scary being so open to the entire world about my emotions but it’s also extremely therapeutic and rewarding when I receive messages from people who can relate to what I’m talking about in the music.


What is the main emotion you want people to feel when listening to you music?

I’m not sure if reflective is an emotion, but my main goal when creating music is to write and create things that can relate to other people. The artists that inspired me made music that invoked a feeling of reflection, and I aspire to give that same feeling to my listeners.


You recently announced that you are opening for FINNEAS, do you plan on doing any solo touring after that?

Yes! I’ve been definitely talking with my team about touring. Not necessarily sure if it’s going to be solo, or if I’ll be a supporting act! I’m going to play it by ear, but either way I’ll definitely be out there on the road performing!


This is your debut EP, are there talks of any new releases after this? Maybe an album that fans should look out for?

There have definitely been a lot of talks! I’ve been working on another project so be on the look for that!


Where would you like to see yourself in 2029?

I think I just want to be happy and continuing doing things I love. I’d love to be a commercially successful artist, I want to still be creating and growing and learning!


Finally, is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

I just want to share that I am so eternally grateful for everyone who listens and supports the music, I’m also so excited to share I’m Not Sure Yet. I put my heart into this project, and I’m so glad that everyone can go listen to it now! It’s been a long time coming!


With his optimistic outlook for the future and dedication to making great music, I can only expect that this is just the beginning for Reece, and there will be many amazing things to look out for in the years to come. For now though, stream I’m Not Sure Yet, because this is a release you definitely don’t want to miss out on!


Check out awesome live video of Reece's song "Life" here and be sure to stream "Life" and "3AM" here!


Tour Dates:

1/28/19 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubador (W/ FINNEAS)

2/4/19- New York, NY @ Baby’s all right (W/ FINNEAS)



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