Young Culture "(this is) heaven" Review

January 22, 2019

2019 is off to a fantastic start for pop-punk. Albany, New York based pop-punk band Young Culture released their third EP called (this is) heaven on Equal Vision Records on January 18, 2019. This EP is an inside view of growing up and seeing things for what they really are. It’s a five-song EP on accepting and turning an unfortunate event into something wondrous, like heaven. If you need a reminder on how noteworthy pop-punk music really is, this is the EP to listen to.



The EP opens up with a song titled “Deluxe.” It’s an energetic first track to the EP that highlights the troubles one person may be having with another. In my mind, it’s a song of developing into someone strong. It’s a song of learning that there is more to life than what you truly know and that you deserve greatness. (this is) heaven then transitions to a track titled “Breathe It In.” It carries the idea of the previous song while bringing in the perspectives of accepting and “breathing in” the life we are surrounded by. This song is an anthem of loving and appreciating life, no matter how tough. Young Culture shares the various attitudes that we may encounter in people throughout life. But all in all, “breathe it in to remember you’re living.”


Track three, titled “21 Days,” is the second single that was released off of the EP. We were able to open up our ears to what Young Culture had to offer back in December. Between the vocals and the instruments, it’s the perfect pop-punk song. It is what pop punk should be. It contains the ideal mix of fast moving sounds that makes you want to jump around and lyrics that make you think and feel something meaningful. This song reminds me of why I started listening to pop-punk in the first place. It’s compelling, it makes me want more music from Young Culture.


The fourth song on the EP is the most laid back song on the EP. Although it may be a slower song, “Never Changed” is still jam packed with the uniqueness of Young Culture’s style and their overall feelings about failing relationships. When one hears the term “laid back,” they may instantly think of an acoustic jam. This isn’t the case. It’s a slow yet powerful track that carries the emotions of loving and caring for someone based on who they are and not who you need them to be. “That you're not the one I wanna have… If you can't want me for who I am…” After listening to this song a handful of times, I’m proud to say it’s my favorite song off of the EP.


The EP concludes in the best way possible. In an interview with Rock Sound, Alex Magnan—lead singer of Young Culture—shared “Sometimes you just know right away when you’ve written “the one.” This song felt right on all levels, and we knew it was a perfect first single.” I agree with Magnan’s comment, it was the perfect first single. Many, myself included, fell in love with Young Culture when this song dropped last August. “Drift” is the song that ties (this is) heaven together. It’s the anthem of Young Culture.


Check out the music video for “Drift” here and the music video for "21 Days" here



Watch out for Young Culture. They will take over the world before we know it.


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