Makena's New Song for People Done With F-Boys

January 17, 2019

After spending months working with Denver, Colorado producer Joseph Schull, Makena is finally coming back with “fuqboi worktape,” an anthem that anyone involved in the modern dating world can relate to. Makena’s single is the ultimate pop track to start off the 2019 year. “I feel like we all have gotten out of bad relationships and were like ‘Ugh that was such a red flag! I should have known it was going to end badly.”



If you adore pop female stars like Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Halsey you will instantly fall in love with Makena’s music. To me, Makena most reminds me of Taylor Swift’s music. She adds highlights the idea of “dissing a guy” along with giving the listener an inside view of her own impressions. Just like Taylor, there is a uniqueness to the musical elements used throughout the song. In this two minute song, your ears are exposed to Makena’s thoughts as well as, what I believe, is her close friend she gossips with. For years Makena has experimented with a variety of music styles, as well as drawing inspiration from Spears, Swift, and Halsey, to create an edge to the pop music we enjoy.


This Los Angeles-based pop singer has tied our 21st century living into “fuqboi worktape.” With mentions to relationship “red flags,” social media, and slang like “same,” it’s a perfect song for calling out the behavior of those with bad intentions. It’s a song filled with a roller coaster of emotions that we tend to carry with us through our days. You will not only adore this track for the lyrical content but for Makena’s voice and ability to create music that fits our needs for pop music.


If I’m being honest, I’ve listened to this track non-stop. Each time the song concludes, I’m left with the feeling of wanting more music from Makena. So, I press play again, and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon. Makena’s voice and style compelling. Even though it is similar to other pop artists and songs, it still feels new and refreshing. With each listen, I fall more in love with her character as well as her ability to combine music with the 21st century and our desires for a relationship. If you listen to any new tunes this winter season, one should be “fuqboi worktape.”


So get ready. On Thursday, January 17th Makena’s single “fuqboi worktape” is finally released to the public. You do not want to miss this song.



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