The Entertainment Tour: North America

January 10, 2019

This tour was unique. The mix of genres made the show very enjoyable and seeing all of the fans interacting was awesome. This show, held in a tiny club in Tucson was definitely not one to miss.

Getting the night started was De’Wayne Jackson, a hip hop artist from Springfield, Texas. His energy and stage presence got everyone in the room amped for the night. You should go check out his song “Adios” featuring Chase Atlantic.

Next up was rapper, Nick Gray. This was actually his first tour. The crowd loved his set, they were jumping around and held up lights during a couple of his songs. He definitely killed it and gained some new fans. You should go check out his song “Love Punch”.

Slowing down and setting a mellow vibe was the band Super Whatevr. The band talks about not pushing away darkness but instead inviting it in and that is exactly what their music does. Behind each of their songs is a deep meaning that is hidden but if you listen closely you can figure it out. On stage the leader singer Skyler McKee talked about things like depression and suicide, his speech grabbed the attention of everyone in the audience. They have a great message and an even better set, go check out their song “For You”.

Next was two-piece I Don’t Know How But They Found Me or IDKHow for short. Their set got everyone's energy right back up. Lead singer Dallon Weekes had actually lost his voice prior to the show and was still recovering so he had the crowd fill in the lyrics to some of the songs. They covered “Iggy Pop” by the Hot IQ’s which made the crowd go wild, they also performed two songs called “A Letter” and “Visitation of the Ghost” by  Weekes’ former band The Brobecks. During the song “Visitation of the Ghost”, drummer Ryan Seaman played Weekes’ bass while still playing the drums, Weekes also swapped of song of the lyrics for Paula Abdul’s song “Straight Up”. Their set was very memorable and the crowd couldn’t get enough of it. Go check out their new EP 1981 which was released early November.

 Closing out the night was Waterparks. When they came on the crowd lost it, jumping and screaming. By this point in the night the room was practically vibrating with energy and adrenaline. Their set had almost constant, very colorful strobe lights and a lot of fog. During their set they brought on their tour manager, Lucas Hand and sang him Happy Birthday a few times even though it wasn’t his birthday. Lead singer Awsten Knight also had the crowd chant “Otto” for the drummer Otto Wood. While performing their song Tantrum IDKHow’s merch guy Jimmy Las joined the boys on stage and screamed the end of the song. Their set was very high energy but they played a couple of slower like “Lucky People” and “21 Questions”. They also played a song called “What We Do For Fun” which was not released in the US. You should go check out their song “Tantrum”.

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