Photo Gallery: Fight the Fury

January 2, 2019

When you hear the name Fight The Fury, you may think, who is that? and why does that kind of sound familiar? or why does the singer and one of the guitar players look just like the guys from Skillet? Well the funny thing is, they are! John Cooper, Lead frontmen of Skillet, has started a new band called Fight the Fury. It is a lot heavier than Skillet and the fans love it! I was able to attend the first ever Fight The Fury show in Joliet, IL and it was an amazing show and set. Fight the Fury even started playing a few Skillet songs but made them a lot heavier metal wise and the fans loved every minute of it. This is an upcoming band and they are up and coming fast. The Members in the band are John Cooper - Frontman and bass, Seth Morrison - guitar player, Jared Ward - Drummer, and John Panzer III - guitar player. Fight The Fury Released and Ep in October of 2018 and in March of 2019 they are going on tour with Breaking Benjamin! They are someone you do not want to miss!


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