Which 2018 Hip-Hop Drop Are You?

December 3, 2018

The final weeks of 2018 are here and it feels like every hot name in hip hop dropped two or even three projects this year. That being said, there is without a doubt something for everyone ready to be streamed.


Music labels have rappers dropping music under their belt at what seems like a historical pace and the industry in general is starting to look as stacked as a WWE roster (that's never a bad thing).


All of this new music brings plenty topics of discussion and influence to the table. There's also more in hip hop for fans of any genre to relate to than ever before.


Which 2018 drop represents your "mood" going into a new year?


         "If you ain't talking money, I don't wanna talk.."


Come up on a lot of cash in 2018? Maybe you lost a bag and need to get right to secure your money back? Either way your covered as far as hip hip is concerned.

Lil Baby had one of the most memorable years in recent memory for such a new rapper. Hard work clearly did it (he dropped three projects in 2018) and it all came together very nicely on his debut studio album "Street Gossip". 


No one gets rich sitting around doing nothing and Baby makes that very well known in his music.

10Cellphones (besides having the best name in music) also has little to no trouble being a motivator for anyone looking to put distractions to the side and focus only on the checks. 


Listen to his newest project "0010" and don't forget, there's too many ways to make money in this world to not have any. 


Young Dolph made the phrase "If you ain't talking money, I don't wanna talk" real life years ago and still to this day he's kept that same energy. 


Labels will never stop trying to sign Dolph and he'll never stop telling them no. It's because of that he will continue to take home all of the revenue for his music that so many other rappers miss out on when they sign to a major. 


Listen to his 2018 album "Role Model" and be inspired. 


        "Will I Ever Find True Love?"


There's not much we can do from here to help anyone find true love, whatever that is. BUT we have plenty of projects to help you cope with the fact that...no you probably won't find true love. 

Sadly for Trippie Redd much of his relationship was public news all throughout 2018 and as far as a love life goes...he went through "it". 


On the bright side his third insertion of the "A Love Letter to You" series was full of beautiful vocals and naturally emotional hooks that could offer help healing a heart that was put through a lot in 2018. 

The love/hate relationships between people and...everything people ever come across are put on full display in Tory Lanez' newest album "LoVE me NOw". Tory deserves boatloads of credit for this project overall as it was one of the best hip hop albums overall to come out of 2018.


Still, it will get the feels going too, starting with the intro "Why DON'T You LOVE me?"


You didn't have to do us like that Tory...

Lil Peep's first album since his passing "Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 2" effortlessly put the true emotion and loneliness of Peep's music on display over some of the most mature production/engineering done on an album for the year. 


If you go into this album not thinking about that one person who got away...you just wait. 


Rest in Power always Lil Peep. 


     "I'm looking to get lit all day, every day,"


Okay party animal let us just get to it before you get distracted and start Fortnite dancing. 

The absolute best album of the year has yet to be decided but Metro Boomin's "NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES" is a serious contender. 


This an ideal album to get the party going with as well. It's loaded with high profile features from start to finish, he transitions between songs are flawless and there's even a huge international appeal thanks to the amount of Latin influence throughout the project. 


Put it on your favorite "Litty" playlist and let the games begin. 


Playboi Carti dropped "Die Lit" almost halfway through the year. It's been widely considered the best album of the year by a large demographic of hip hop fans since it came out.


That's impressive on its own but for our purposes the album is literally called Die Lit. Getting lit is a lifestyle and Carti shows true dedication to that craft. 


Get on his level.


As far as consistent, likable rappers go MadeinTYO has always been at the top of that list since his post "Uber Everywhere" explosion a couple of years ago. 


His newest project and first studio album Sincerely, Tokyo is a real treat from start to finish. It's the hardest Tokyo has gone lyrically on a project but still has that Japan-type drip to his music that no other American rapper has mastered.


Who doesn't like to say "Skrrt Skrrt" 300 times while they're lit anyway? 


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