Starcrawler Starts Anew

November 29, 2018


It has been a busy year for up and coming rock band Starcrawler: the LA natives have dropped their self-titled debut album, played major showcases like SXSW, and embarked on a full European tour within the last 365 days. Their live shows have been gaining fast attention as well. Lead singer Arrow de Wilde has been described as a “She-Iggy” on stage, referring to her wild, Iggy Pop-like antics. Her performances are truly hard to forget, usually ending with her convulsing in a straightjacket or spitting fake blood on her audience. With all of this in mind, it is safe to say the group has definitely made an impression.


Starcrawler’s newest single “Hollywood Ending,” released November 16 on Rough Trade Records, is one more achievement to add to their growing repertoire. Despite criticism claiming the band is a wannabe version of Alice Cooper or the Stooges, they are one of the few acts nowadays that can incorporate that classic rock influence in a way that is purely their own. On “Hollywood Ending”, lead guitarist Henri Cash comes in hard with a gritty solo, balanced out by de Wilde’s crooning vocals. She proclaims her need for a fresh start and an escape from past mistakes. Lyrics like “I gave my heart, then you took control/How was I to know?” ring true to the soul-crushing agony of teenage heartbreak, and all of the regrets that come with it.

Things speed up with B-side “Tank Top,” whose narrative revolves around a recluse girl on the run. The fast riffs and scattered background screams add a layer of depth to the protagonist’s complex story. Austin Smith’s hardcore drumming and Tim Franco’s frantic bass riffs are clean and chaotic all at once. This track is one to mosh to, or at least one that will get your blood pumping. It matches the sense of anticipation that comes with watching the band perform live - you aren’t quite sure what to expect next.


With flair and confidence beyond their years, Starcrawler is definitely an act to keep an eye on. Their sound takes a risk, walking that fine line between inspiration and imitation, yet is wholeheartedly their own. If you want to go back to the core of 70’s punk, with an original and earnest twist thrown in, this band is the one for you.


Be sure to give “Hollywood Ending” a listen here!


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