A Trinity of Singles

November 30, 2018


November has proven to be the bearer of great hits. However, three specific singles from November emit passion and have become favorites among fans.


The first release of the three was "Better Than Me" by England-native Ethan Barnett, a.k.a. Ten Tonnes. The song opens with a calm, simple scheme, with few strums and a steady percussion. It allows for listeners to really understand the list of his metaphors for sadness. It actually quite surprising that an artist as young as 21-year-old Barnett can be so articulate and precise with pinning emotions. His ragged vocals allow for a juxtaposition of edgy presentation to vulnerable content. When it come around to the chorus, Barnett ups the ante. A soft poem turns into a envious anthem. The combination of rockin' music and blustering lyrics helps disguise the cry for help. It truly is a relatable song for so many teens and young adults who are unaware of who they are and what they will do, so no wonder it struck and stuck with so many people.


The next day, indie rock group Bad Suns released a single to accompany a tour announcement. "Away We Go" is an epiphany that rises out of static living. The crowded music that backs the desire for change really emphasizes the manic disposition of the song's idea: finding something new. However, as enticingly spontaneous as it is, the song follows a hidden formula of "I need this, I want that, I need and want you," which avoids having listeners focus on surprises rather than meaning. Formulated nonetheless, the Bad Suns song follows old styles with a new twist. There is a new internal wave of self-discovery that was

merely a detail in previous works. All-in-all, "Away We Go" sets fans up for a new era and a change in perspective.


To cap off the trio, Give Me A Try favorite, COIN, released "Cemetery". This song is, in simplest terms, a testament to acceptance. A critique of the pain caused by a father-figure. To avoid over-analysis and depersonalization of the message, the only commentary should be on the effect of the style. Its smooth percussion at the forefront is not only enjoyable, but it satisfyingly complements the heartfelt lyrics. The lyrical method of addressing the topic in a present tense perspective of the past avoids pushing pain onto listeners. It is a beautiful song with a vulnerable topic, and it most definitely could be argued as COIN's best work.


With all three artists planning on releasing new content soon, be on the look out! 

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