Photo Gallery: The Dirty Nil

November 26, 2018


On November 23rd, The Dirty Nil stopped at the Mercury Lounge in NYC as part of their Master Volume tour. Hailing from Dundas, Ontario, the trio have hit the road to promote their new release, Master Volume, and this time they've brought Vancouver's Dead Soft along for the ride. As the internet's favorite song, "Sandstorm" by Darude, blared from the venue's PA we knew it was time for The Dirty Nil to storm the stage. And that they did. From the first note, bassist Ross Miller was all over the stage, doing flails and kicks and serving up enough Blue Steel to make Zoolander himself a bit envious. Singer Luke Bentham was no stranger to the audience, leaning into the faces of the front row with his guitar and grabbing hands of screaming fans. Before performing "Always High", Bentham also regaled the crowd with a story from the Juno Awards - they snagged a "Breakthrough Group of the Year" award in 2017 - about a comment he made at the end of his thank you speech, thinking his mic was turned off, much to his mother's dismay. He explained that this incident served as the influence behind the song. We worked on our German skills while singing along to "Auf Wiedersehen", addressed less than savory motel rooms with "Super 8", and screamed to our hearts' content during "No Weaknesses". All in all, an incredible evening to be had.


The tour ends on December 1st with a sold out show in Toronto, but if you're in Quebec or other parts of Ontario, you've got a handful of opportunities to yell along with The Dirty Nil and mosh your heart out to warm up during these cold winter nights. If you can't get to any dates, don't worry - they'll be piling into the van again soon.

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