Uh Huh Hunny

November 14, 2018


Hunny—a bright post-punk pop band with nostalgic influences originating in Newbury Park, California—has made quite a name for themselves so early in their career. Consisting of Jason Yarger, Jake Goldstein, Kevin Grimmett, and Joey Anderson, they first debuted with “Cry For Me”, accumulating over 3.8 million streams over the past three years. Soon after, they killed it with their EP Pain / Ache / Loving, a five-song love letter to romance. Leading up to current day, they continued their success with the release of two singles. The first of the two, “Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)”, became a booming hit! It’s got it all—catchy lyrics, killer chords, and rockin’ percussion—and is currently their biggest and most well known hit, with good reason, too. Riding on the wave of the previous hits, they released “Colder Parts”, a juxtaposition to “Vowels” (think Summer and Winter). Most recently they released two intertwining EPs, Windows I and Windows II. Consisting of ten songs in total, they carried their euphoric vibe and kept fans wanting more. And more. And more.


But what makes Hunny so special? Their unique combination of style and infatuated remembrance translates into music that is equally calming and energetic, equally specific and relatable, equally beautiful and heartbreaking. Hunny isn’t simply a copy of every other indie pop band, they have created a distinct style that sets them apart.

If you haven’t listened to Hunny, make sure to give them a try! Also, catch them on their upcoming tour with Hockey Dads with support by Queen of Jeans.

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