Album Review: Malibu Nights by LANY

November 12, 2018



LANY's sophomore album Malibu Nights released this past October and here at Give Me A Try we are loving it! Nine of our amazing staff members picked a song that struck them and explained why they find that song so special. If you haven't listened to the album, you must! 


Olivia: Valentine's Day- It's a love letter. The smooth voice of Paul Klein coupled with the heartbeat of the drums creates a simulation of missing someone you love. The sorrow in Klein's voice narrates his lyrics in a unique way and everyone can connect to his heartbreak whether they've been in love or not. This song illustrates a rarity in the pop community: performance of a genuine feeling.


Karalyn: I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore- I've had such a hard time recently trying to find songs that represent my current thoughts. Though there are many songs off of this album that share some of my thoughts, this song certainly represents the most. I somewhat feel at ease knowing that there is a song, and even full length album, that describes everything.


Devon: Taking Me Back- Taking Me Back makes you want to get up and dance. The song is upbeat but calm, you can vibe to at any time because of the beat. The lyrics talk about how they are moving to fast and a little mistake can break them apart. He did something that he wishes he could take back but can't. My favorite lyric is "So baby, won’t you slow down? This can make or break us" You can hear the emotion in his vocals which makes the song even better. It's the kind of song that you can listen to on repeat and not get tired.


Kastania: Thick and Thin- RIP to the relationship between pop singer Dua Lipa and the lead singer of Lany, Paul Jason Klein. But if it wasn't for this break up, the LANY album may not have had so much sad depth that I crave when I wanted a new music from them. We also may or may not have PJK with that haircut! THAT HAIRCUT! I don't wish heartbreak against my worst enemy but I do absolutely love sad boy alt-pop music as much as the next girl so this album was on repeat from the second that it came out. The song 'Thick and Thin' is the first track on the album which sets the mood for the entirety of what you're about to get. The chorus is a little more upbeat and catchy than the rest of the song as a whole. The overall sound is like a nostalgic break up song with a mix of a slower 80's pop song. The lyrics invite the listener into the first few thoughts of a breakup that came blind-sided. The anger and frustration haven't even hit yet, just the initial shock and self-doubt. At first questioning yourself and what you may have done wrong with the chorus, "I could see my whole life with you baby, now you've got me thinking that I'm crazy." It seems all too familiar of a feeling with the overall nostalgic tune. Definitely my favorite on the album!


Ashley: If You See Her- Lyrics are so genuine, Paul's raw voice over the simple synth gives such a soft groove. Perfect for a night when you want to dance-out your feelings!


Ryan: Let Me Know- I like the low calm vibes of it. It's greatly contrasted by the lyrics of the song which I like a great deal. It's nicely placed as well in the middle of the album and is just a little different from the rest of the album, which I think makes it a nice little break in the album.


Carly: I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore- This song is so catchy, and is perfect for your chill playlist. I really like the beat too!


Kiera: Let Me Know- This track reminds me of the quiet pop style I heard on the radio when I was growing up, so it brought me to almost a nostalgic place.


Risa: Taking Me Back- Before this release, I've heard of LANY, but never listened. My first impressions of the album is that all of the songs sound similar, which is good to have a consistent theme, but bad when wanting to make each song have a individual sound/feel/story. Taking Me Back stood out to me for it's catchy hook and easy going, yet enjoyable beat. The lyrics are nothing ground breaking, but despite the many generalities of the album's themes, LANY's Malibu Nights release is perfectly geared toward the young, modern consumer, whether they are are an indie kid looking for vibes, or more of a hypebeast looking for a beat to groove to.

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