New Music Alert: Silent Planet's "When The End Began"

November 11, 2018

Earlier this year, California metalcore band Silent Planet announced their third album titled “When the End Began” to be released on November 2 under UNFD records. “When the End Began” is the perfect album for both the artistic, lyrical listener as well as supporters of metalcore. It is also a beautiful, therapeutic album that highlights the world's current issues. Silent Planet captured our world’s madness by addressing subjects like drug addiction, war, and politics within their lyrics and heavy sounds.






Throughout the years, Silent Planet has received so much recognition from being on the Vans Warped Tour in 2016 and 2017 as well as touring with other bands like For Today, Gideon, and Stick To Your Guns. Between their unique sounds and meaningful lyrics, they have gained a great following of fans all across the world. I asked a few of those fans what they thought of the new album. One said, “The new album is a look into our future and what it can bring if we continue down the path we currently are in.” I agree with this statement. The album has so much to do with the growth and life as a human being in this world. These words are something we should all admire and listen to before we start our day. “When the End Began” is the album we need in a time like today.


Another said, “My favorite songs are “In Absence” and the one with the electronic introduction (it's called “Lower Empire”, I believe). The rest of the album hasn't grown on me though. I've listened to it three times through over the past few days and it really kind of all sounds really similar to me. I guess that's the nature of hardcore. I’m harsh when I’m judging Silent Planet because I know what they're capable of. The album is good but not stellar. Good message but everything but the two songs I mentioned (except for a riff here and there) all kind of blend together in my experience.”

If you take anything out of this album, it has to be the dynamic lyrics that Silent Planet shares in these fourteen songs. The first song on the album, “Thus Spoke,” Garrett Russell vocalizes the words, “The night God slept, everything was sound.” Silent Planet combined two of their album titles as one. This line creates a powerful introduction that, in my opinion, sets up the rest of the album for instant success.

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