New Music Alert: Phem

November 5, 2018


The trend of blending trap and pop elements in music is reaching incredible new heights thanks to dedicated artists like Phem.

Now that "Emo Rap" is killing the charts there's a solidified home in music for alternative pop that expresses multiple trap elements.

Phem's sound is still by no means full depression mode but it has a natural attraction to the lonely soul type of person.

It also has an attraction to the open minded.

Without much effort Phem is able to implement valuable musical traits. Her project "Can't Kill Me" is only 3 songs in length but it has high replay-ability and most importantly-"it gets the people going."

Or gets them thinking at least.

Phem has a beautiful lyrical delivery that doesn't finish the whole story for the listener.

For example on her song "Blinders" Phem expresses the need to use blinders just to find herself.

"Don't Giv Up On Me Yet" is a raw story of the young singer experiencing disconnect with her S.O at the time when she was fully delving into music as a career.

The whole track is inviting, easy on the ears and "potential" doesn't really do Phem justice at this point.

The California talent is another of many up and coming artists who aren't glued to one genre or label-but for her it goes beyond music.

Phem's music appears to be in accurate transition with her real life as she also isn't glued to labels involving sexuality, which in turn allows her product to be real enough to gain distance from the rest of the pack.

Make sure to give her new single "Jump" a listen on 11/9 and follow Phem's current journey on tour with Lil Xan and $teven Cannon.

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