Kim Petras: Perfecting Spooky Pop

 When Halloween music comes to mind, "This is Halloween" and "Monster Mash" may be what initially pop up in one's head- but Kim Petras and her new EP is here this October to redefine that. 


Having released "Turn Off The Light Volume One" only a couple of weeks back, Petras is getting right into the spooky spirit this fall. 


Opening track "o m e n" has an almost Halloween-theme song vibe to it, and serves as an introductory song to the remaining tracks.


This flows beautifully into "Close Your Eyes"- which has a sexy and seductive vibe to it. Kim whispers certain lyrics in a chilling way. The chorus is catchy and fun and totally danceable. This definitely feels like it could be calling guests to the dance floor at a Halloween party. The bridge is electric and explosive- so full of life!


The next song "TRANSylvania" has a huge EDM influence and acts as an instrumental transitional song. 


This leads into "Turn Off The Light (feat. Elvira)." Kim so boldly states- "If you want to take a bite, want to see the dark side, turn off the light" This continues her sexy and spooky vibe. Her voice is manipulated in an almost robotic way- that combined with the heavy bass feels super funky. The mistress of the dark herself is featured as she vocalizes almost a spellbound monologue in the bridge. A captivating track for sure. 


"Tell Me It's A Nightmare" is next up- and this track opens more slow and less energetic and focuses on carrying out some strong and impactful notes. This transitions into a fun beat and Kim is on a high octave and sounds brilliant and infectious. She continues the sexy whispering seen earlier- all of the tracks have a really defined cohesion. 


"i don't wanna die" is another instrumental transition song- this one features Kim singing some cool background harmonies. 


"In The Next Life" is an anthem-like finale track. Kim's voice starts in a super raw and emotional way- that then transitions to a heavy electronic bass and some spooky and energetic sounds. It is almost like sound effects from old horror movies were used to add some spunk to this tune. This song is about the afterlife- but judging from the energy in this track- the afterlife is a party! She repeats "You will remember me"- and after this EP you certainly will remember Kim Petras. 


This EP is full of surprises, spook, and fun! Be sure to play this at any Halloween party- or anywhere else! Kim Petras has proven she is not your typical pop star- and you should watch in the future for even more fun! 








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