Get to know Blueface and his Genius Marketing Approach

October 22, 2018


A quick Google search of “Blueface” right now displays a little bit about a young up and coming LA rapper and a whole lot about an Irish Telecom company.


Soon it will be the exact opposite.


While the 21 year old is currently slamming a whole new sound into the LA rap scene, a more global uprising is surely within reach for Blueface.


That “new sound” is one that the rapper himself admits needs to grow on some people at first. It’s been referred to as him just talking on the track and if that’s the case, he’s better at talking than most people.


Some would call it “off beat”, which in a sense is right but his staggered flow and hyped brand of music is also what will propel Blueface to the top.


The non-conforming style of rap that Blueface utilizes is a part of an overall well thought-out, conscious marketing approach that any rapper needs to have in today’s industry.


To go along with his flow, the ex-college football player also appears to have a great understanding of social media, local promotion in schools and music video releases amongst other operations.


Blueface seems to know well that his final music product(s) and videos are all enough to get people to at least engage with his character.


That’s all it takes.


It is because of his willingness to ignore some of the classical ways of rapping that he’s accumulated so much clout in just one year of making music.


Blueface has almost 5k followers on Twitter (and rapidly growing), over 125k on Instagram and a co-sign from the incredibly popular hip hop podcast No Jumper.


During his interview with No Jumper he described his career better than anyone could at this point in time,


“It might not sound good to everybody...But you’re gonna for sure remember Blueface.”


How do you make it in such a competitive field of work?


That’s how.  


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