Album Review: Mirror Master by Young The Giant

October 21, 2018

 Album number four dropped Friday for California-based five-piece alternative rock act Young The Giant. No pressure to the band, but after 2016's impressive showing on "Home of The Strange"- there was a lot of hype and anticipation for this record- entitled "Mirror Master"- and while certain songs impressed us- the album did not provide as much of an impact as "Home of The Strange". We each picked a favorite song and discussed why it stuck out to us. 


Risa: Tightrope- Having loved their last album, Home of the Strange, SO MUCH, this album didn't quite live up to my expectation, but I can see them tracing back to more simple, softer sounds of Mind Over Matter. Tightrope is the only song (besides one of the singles, Superposition) that I've really gone back to since my initial run of the whole album.


Ashley: Simplify- It is so different from the other tracks, very light feel-good song. Sameer’s voice goes over the instrumental so well.


Sophie: Superposition- There is something about a song that has a really catchy tune. I really like the 6-note string plucking at the beginning which carries on throughout, and then is lead by vocalists who hum that same tune after a really good chorus. All in all, it's very pleasant to listen to and I believe it is the best song off this album!


Carly: Simplify- The message is so important. Learning to forget about everything and take the time to appreciate someone in your life is something I think we all can live by. This was the first song I heard off of this album, and for some reason, has been the one I have resonated with the most.

Maria: Oblivion- Sameer's voice here just feels super soulful and raw- this is not the most exciting track I will admit, but boy is it beautiful. There is a gradual build-up that creates a giant rush of drums and electric and that layered with the stunning vocals creates for a soothing and very "Young the Giant-esque" tune


Be sure to check out the band on their current fall tour and check out "Mirror Master" for yourself!










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