New Music Alert: Wallows

October 18, 2018


 Los Angeles-based indie rock trio Wallows has dropped the perfect October track. "Drunk on Halloween" was released last week and is a standout track. 


The tune depicts a heartbreak staged at a Halloween party, and the song is all the right parts chill and melancholy. Frontman Braeden Lemasters told Flood Magazine “The only part we had written was the chorus melody. It started to take on a life of its own—musically and lyrically—and ended up forming into a classic tale of heartbreak, but with the backdrop of a Halloween party.”


Lemasters sings "On that Halloween you told me you weren’t drinkin--I believed you-Now the only time I have’s to sit and wonder if you’re thinkin about the fun you’ve had with someone else" in the chorus. The vocalist has an incredible voice- similar to the likes of Declan McKenna. 


The production to accompany it is primarily acoustic guitar layered with brass instruments- making for a sorrow-filled, yet kind of fun tune. A perfect addition to any fall playlist.


The trio recently impressed at Austin City Limits- and are taking to a few more festivals to close out 2018. Be sure to watch out for these guys- between this track and early 2018's "Pictures of Girls"- this group has some kickass talent. 






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