New Music Alert: Aly Ryan

October 7, 2018

 Indie-pop singer/songwriter Aly Ryan could definitely be your new favorite pop artist. Born in Germany, she spent her childhood as a world traveler, being immersed into different languages and cultures. In 2017, she started releasing her music- beginning with worldwide hit "No Parachute", which charted at number one in France, Germany, Russia, The Netherlands, and New Zealand. The single is also the second most listened-to pop tune on Soundcloud. Such a promising start for a debut song is surely a foreshadow of the impressive music to come. 


In 2018, she released four singles, the latest being dropped this past Friday, entitled "Facetime". The track is a synth-filled pop tune about a major flaw in the relationship depicted. Ryan sings "We only talk on Facetime, but I need some face-to-face time" in the chorus repeatedly.


She explains the basis of the track to Tidal Music, "It actually is about a long distance relationship. These days, we spend a lot of time texting and Facetiming and all that stuff instead of actually spending quality time with each other. A lot of times, we connect over texting or FaceTiming and don’t actually have a great time when we meet. In this song, it’s opposite. They have a great time together, and now it’s out because they’re only talking on FaceTime, and they’re not actually continuing a relationship or making the effort to see each other."  


The song also features rap artist YNW Melly, who adds a dynamic edge to the tune. His vocals at the end are quite impactful, and really tie both vocalists together. Check out "Facetime":




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